About Me

徐詩雨現為獨立策展人、研究者與自由撰稿人,為讀書會《軟爛》的成員。她畢業於國立中央大學通訊工程所與紐約大學視覺藝術行政研究所,2015 年與夥伴共同創立《介面 SCREEN》中英雙語媒體藝術平台,並獲選臺北市立美術館 2017 威尼斯雙年展策展培力。徐詩雨 2018 – 2021 年擔任台北當代藝術中心策展人,研究的領域包括圖像、媒介與新物質女性主義,文章散見於《Yishu》、《典藏投資》、《數位荒原》、《藝術論壇》中文網與《藝術家》等媒體。她同時也是第八屆台灣錄像藝術展共同策展人。她同時也是第八屆台灣錄像藝術展共同策展人。

Shih-yu Hsu is an independent curator, researcher, and writer. She has been a member of the study group lám-nuā since 2021. She graduated from Communication Engineering and Visual Art Administration at National Central University in Taiwan and New York University. Her research field includes image, media and new material feminism. She co-founded bi-lingual online media art platform SCREEN in 2015 and was the executive assistant of Taiwan Pavilion in Venice Biennale 2017. She was the curator at Taipei Contemporary Art Center in 2018-2021. Her writing on art has been published on several publications including Artforum.cn, Artist Magazine, Art Investment, Leap, No Man’s Land and Yishu. She is also the co-curator of the 8th Taiwan International Video Art exhibition.

reach me at: shihyu.renee.hsu[at]gmail.com