Female Avatars’ Futurist Statement: Matrilineage, Production, Ecosystem

女頭目的未來學:母系. 生產. 生態

與李雨潔共同策展,藝術家:王佩瑄、Deanna Dowling (with Sophie Davis)、郭俞平、Beatrice Glow

2019.06.08-06-30, 07.12-08.03, 09.07-09.29, 10.19-11.10, 台北當代藝術中心,台北


參展藝術家多在網路時代成長,其中有些擁有身為離散族群的生命軌跡,他們享受60-70年代的女性主義運動成果,但仍弔詭地在生命歷程中面對不同程度的性別暴力。跨文化的背景使他們將性別權力的討論延伸到不同的空間,包括情動、個人歷史、去殖民、環境生態。參展藝術家以個人敘事回應本展的潛在台詞: 「如果不成為母親,女性藝術家如何面對女性認同相關的藝術生產?」母系回應父權暴力的方式,絕不是生理,同質,抽象,排除他者的。我們希望女頭目透過各種「跨」,來化身為溝通者與預言者,連結男子、女人、酷兒、移民、非人類、或者說,女頭目的預言,是一個包容跨物種的未來生態系統。

Female Avatars’ Futurist Statement: Matrilineage, Production, Ecosystem

co-curate with Yu-Chieh Li, Artists: Wang Pei-Hsuan, Deanna Dowling (with Sophie Davis), Kuo Yu-ping, Beatrice Glow

2019.06.08-06-30, 07.12-08.03, 09.07-09.29, 10.19-11.10, Taipei Contemporary Art Center, Taipei

In 2019 TCAC is launching a new program called Female Avatars’ Futurist Statement. Through this series of exhibitions and public workshops, we hope to unite leaders and art workers who share a vision of matrilineal production. Reflecting on the dominance of information technology and capitalism, which hinder genuine equality and diversity in our society, we look for new directions for feminist “affinities” across borders. Female Avatars’ Futurist Statement cautiously examines the techno-optimism embedded in the fourth-wave feminist movement, and perspectives inspired by Marxist Feminism and Ecofeminism.

Participating artists grew up in the information age, and many of them experienced diaspora. They enjoyed the achievement of feminist movements in the 1960s and 1970s, which, however, do not guarantee a world without gender violence. Their cross-cultural backgrounds enable them to extend the discussion about gender power to various aspects regarding affect, personal histories, decoloniality, and ecosystem. Their individual narratives respond to the underlying note of the exhibition: “How does a [woman] artist cope with [her] practice without being a mother?” Art of the so-called “maternal lineage” does not refer to sex- and gender-specific products, nor is it homogenous, exclusive, or instrumentalized. The future avatars have to be communicators and prophets who can form an alliance with men, women, queer people, immigrants, and non-humans. Thus, this futurist statement delineates an ecosystem that accommodates all species.